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Well, this is my first critique soooo hopefully it doesn't suck. First off, I agree that there is most likely more to Plushtrap than wh...

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Angry Albinos [Dumb Doodle]
So I'm uploading this from my phone, so my sincerest apologies of the image turns out poorly. Sweating a little... 

Anyway, I recently rewatched some clips from a really good animated movie, which (somehow) eventually led to me to revisit a cartoon that was a pivotal peice of my younger years.

So have two angry, non-human albinos as angry, human albinos.
Guess who's who; I've already given you plenty of hints. :slye: 
 So I`ve been working on an animatic for a short few days.
I`ve only got the first nine frames of the whole thing finished so far, but I`d be glad to tell you guys about it further.
Holy shit when did I get 115 watchers?! wtf  
Thomas The Marionette {FNaF AU Reference Sheet}
  It`s a miracle! I made an actual reference sheet! I am a dummy! 
And of all the character`s I could have made one for, it was Thomas: (for those who don`t know) my interpretation/version of The Marionette from Five Nights at Freddy`s! Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon

   Thomas James Coleman is, surprisingly, quite different compared to most of the versions of The Marionette that I`ve seen on my internet travels, whether it be here or on Tumblr.
I don`t know if that`s a good thing on my part by way of originality, or if it`s a good thing on everbody else`s part for not having a weird, posh child for a puppet... but either way, it`s dandy by my standards.

   Okay so, that unnecessarily long backstory... bio... thing was too much. I couldn't figure out how to keep it going, and I know for a fact that if I did attempt to finish it in full it'd be sloppy and rushed.
  So instead, I'm just gonna talk about Thomas disposition-wise with a bit of backstory included for my sake and yours.

   Thomas is a strange juxtaposition from most other interpretations of the puppet. For one, his body itself is quite different: though he originally possessed a body exactly like the canonical marionette, at some point before the events of FNaF 3 he made himself a brand new body. One that is much taller, possess feet and five-digited hands, and the unexplainable ability to express emotion in a fluid, cartoonish fashion, along with a few other strange qualities.
   He also, for any number of reasons, wears clothes; clothes of a peculiar nature. He typically dresses in the fashion from the colonial period, the Victorian Era, to the early 19th century. The most notable of his odd attire being a circus ringleader-esk outfit (the outfit I draw him in most often.)
   Thomas is eccentric to a T: upbeat, energetic, extroverted, unpredictable, dramatic, and flamboyant as all. He happily prances around gracefully, rambling on about whatever's on his mind, speaking very much with his hands. Asides from that, Thomas is very posh: prim and proper, with an emphasis on keeping manners in order and everything spiffy and clean. He's also quite theatrical, along with holding a great deal of interest and appreciation for the arts. He actually plays the violin, and is quite skilled at it. He's also garnered the reputation of trying to start musical numbers on some occasions. He greatly enjoys the company of others; loving to both throw, and attend lavish parties.
This cheery attitude is in stark contrast with Thomas's surprisingly spiteful, scheming nature. As you'd expect for the victim of murder at a young age, Thomas is very vengeful. He seeks to cause harm to the man who took away his life, to an almost sadistic degree as he enthusiastically insults, degrades, belittles, and even emotionally and physically tortures Springtrap on a regular basis, though banter is also regular. Thomas's sense of Justice is near unprecedented, as made clear by his two titles, "The Judge," and (most evidently), "The Harbinger of Justice,". Those who are morally evil are, in his eyes, lesser than dirt. Thomas is also very quick to anger, and has always been that way even as a living child; some even say that he was, "born angry,". Despite how goofy and exaggerated he can be, it's safe to say that The Marionette is very capable of being intimidating.

He is feared by some for understandable reasons.

Despite that, Thomas is not merciless and he feels much regret and guilt for being the main contributor to the deaths of many bystanders.
   Thomas is a near master of the supernatural and the occult. Though he had some ghostly capabilities before, at the same point he made a new body he also gained more power. Pyrokinesis, the power to manipulate fire, is one of Thomas's most noteworthy powers, with the various psychic, otherworldly abilities he possesses. He is also able to travel through other realities at will. No one but Goldie knows how and why Thomas received such powers.

  Other things of note:
Thomas is, unlike most would expect, actually very well-versed in traditional, physical, non-supernatural combat: specifically, swordplay. In fact, Thomas has a great fondness for swords, using them whenever the chance arises and is the proud owner of a collection of swords, and has a vast array of many different swords. Even his cane acts as a sheath to conceal a ruby-bladed longsword. Thomas is actually, fairly better with swords, daggers, and other bladed weapons than Springtrap is. Were as Spingles is just sort of a… mindless hack and slash type of guy (if he’s just in a murderin’ mood; torture is a different story), Thomas is very graceful and fluent; articulate and precise in every dance-like movement. One of Thomas's favorite hobbies is fencing.

Thomas has acquired 
much knowledge of how to build and repair animatronics (and therefore robots in general), thanks to observing the construction and any needed repairs of the toy animatronics. Thanks to this he was able to build a new body for himself, and build many other things: a mechanical steampunk horse he named Concerto and a mechanical raven he named Edgar being only some.

Thomas's left eye was cracked and is, somehow, unable to be fixed. It does not express emotion, though it does leak
b̶l̶o̶o̶d̶ red fluid in occasions of great stress.

Thomas and Golden Freddy are best friends. They spend a lot of their time together. Thomas is also friends with several other notable figures: the fellows in these few pictures:

Thomas possess retractable, red, shark-like teeth and similarly colored tendrils that sprout from his back at will. No one but Goldie knows why.

My headcannon for his voice is this:
His voice when emotionally unstable is this:
And his singing voice (and laugh) is this:

His themes are:
Bach`s, Little Fugue in G Minor & Champion of Destruction - Super Paper Mario OST

You are allowed to ask any further questions about Thomas, :D
  So yeah. I'm probably not gonna be here.


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Well, well, well... Welcome to the profile of the most socially inept human being you will probably ever meet.
That`s really all you need to know about me, honestly. I`m socially inept and a draw: the basic entirety of my existence in two adjectives.
If you`re willing to stick around any longer than a few minutes out of sheer curiosity, prepare yourself for shitty fanart of overexposed franchises from yours truly: an angsty, self-loathing, dipshit teenager.
You can just smell the angst, can`t you?

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